Children’s Workout

Amber CrossFit classes for kids

Amber CrossFit clases for kids is a fitness program for our young athletes. These classes are for all ability levels and background kids. No matter what your child’s goal is, whether it’s making the basketball team or simply improving body awareness and coordination- we will help them. Our kids classes are led by a professional coach with a gymnast background. During our classes we are stimulating workout while simultaneously developing discipline and learning that hard work pays off.


Amber CrossFit classes for kids, we focus that your kid would leave every class feeling confident and accomplished. We help your child build self confidence and a positive association with exercise and a healthy lifestyle through fun, during challenging group workouts.

Amber CrossFit Kids workouts include scalable movements from gymnastics, weightlifting and aerobics in constantly varied combinations to prepare your child for the vigor of everyday life, and make them competitive in any additional athletic activity.

Classes for kids are divided into two age groups: Kids ages 6 -10 and Teens ages 11-15. The Kids class focuses on fun, learning, and group cooperation, and are 45 – 60 minutes long. Whereas the Teens class shifts toward a focus on performance with an introduction to intensity, and are 45-60 minutes long.

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    What to expect
    • Kids become more active
    • Educating to move correctly 
    • Improving posture
    • Coordination and agility
    • Beneficent to any other sport
    • Injury prevention